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Roblox place guides. The very thing that started this blog and moved it so far along, are impossible to make these days. I’ve tried every place and nothing seems too worthy of a guide. I’ve also allowed users to PM with guides (free advertising much?) but no one even tries it.

So heres another offer: If you know of a place thats really worthy of a guide (Ex: Tipover) then post it in the comments. Also, if you have a great place, but people get confused, be sure to PM me with a guide and I will take a look. Remember, the place creator knows the place best!



3 Responses

  1. I’d have a great place by now if my computer worked. The moment I can get on roblox studio I’m going to finish makeing my pathfinding creeps then make the first ever tower wars, which will be a great place to make a guide for if I ever finish it.

  2. i think king of the hill(by lots of people, its on buildermans page) needs a guide.there was a guilde, but now there is a shop and new tunnuls so it needs a new guide.
    i also think there should be a guide to person229’s minigames.

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