How to make some quick Robux

Everyone is wondering: How do I get more Robux? Well,  you can get some the same way people get money in real life: Investing.

Place 1 to invest: In the Robux itself

The Currency Exchange may seem like a place only for people with a PHD in mathematics, but it’s actually quite simple. The price of 1 Robux fluctuates every time people make a trade. When Robux is in high demand, the value of Robux goes up. When the demand for Tix goes up (which it rarely does) the value of the Robux goes down. So how does one make money on it? When the value of Robux is low, change your Tix into Robux. When the Robux is high, change your Robux into Tix.

For example, say the value of 1 Robux is 8 tix (which is normal). I would then trade all my Tix into Robux. Lets say for easy following I traded in 80 tix. I would get 10 Robux back. Then I wait for the value to get higher, say to 1:10 (1 RX = 10 Tix). So now I trade my 10 Robux in to get 100 tix. I just made a profit of 20 tix. Then I wait for the value to go back down to trade my new 100 Tix into 12 Robux. I just made 2 robux with a petty amount of 80 tix. Then you can trade bigger and bigger values to make a KILLING on robux.

2. Buy Limited Edition hats

Limited Hats are simply collectors items. They go by one simple rule: The less of them there are, the more it’s worth. I just watched as the Red Grind hat sold only 100 hats for only 7 Robux. The result? The lowest price for said hat is now around 2,500 Robux. Wow! After the “Marketplace Tax” you would make a profit of around 2,200 Robux. That’s  a lot of Robux! And better yet, this all happened in the first day!

Now remember, the less LE hats that are being sold, the more it is worth, and will be worth more as the rarity goes up (note: the price/rarity can also dip: Keep your eye on the current lowest price and try to match it)

BIG TIP: Unlike the Currency Exchange, you MUST pay a %10 tax when you sell an item. So when you put it up for sale, be sure the price is over 110% of what you bought it at. For example, If I bought a hat for 200 RX, I should sell it for MORE than 220 RX. 220 RX minus the 200 I bought it at leaves 20. 10% of the original price is 20. So after taxes, the loss is 220. If I don’t sell it for higher, you will LOSE money. After you hit “update” it will give you a profit after taxes. Be sure this is higher than what you bought it for!

That is all I have for now. Be sure to keep your eye on Briguy’s Roblox for some more tips!



ROBLOX Gold Edition?

Recently Telamon posted on his twitter something about ROBLOX Gold edition. What is this exactly, we do not know. This is all Telamon said,

“Thinking about ROBLOX Gold Edition.”

but later said,

“Actually I don’t think I was supposed to mention Gold Edition. Forget about it for now.”

This, I am guessing is a big project coming up. What do you think this could be? Leave a comment


From Briguy9876: Well I think that if was really a project, Telamon wouldn’t reveal it like that. I think he is either messing with everyone, or its some big PR stunt. Well, not really big….or a stunt…but still….