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ROBLOX Gold Edition?

Recently Telamon posted on his twitter something about ROBLOX Gold edition. What is this exactly, we do not know. This is all Telamon said,

“Thinking about ROBLOX Gold Edition.”

but later said,

“Actually I don’t think I was supposed to mention Gold Edition. Forget about it for now.”

This, I am guessing is a big project coming up. What do you think this could be? Leave a comment


From Briguy9876: Well I think that if was really a project, Telamon wouldn’t reveal it like that. I think he is either messing with everyone, or its some big PR stunt. Well, not really big….or a stunt…but still….


9 Responses

  1. It could of been an Inside joke like Mfosccer94 said,but who knows..

  2. Inside joke >_>.

  3. Although, Telamon did delete the tweets he made about it, but he could be doing it as a joke aswell, since he made the second tweet. If he didn’t want anyone knowing he would of not made the second tweet.

  4. Its Roblox, but sold in stors, it will come with some other things things too… And telamon deleted all of the post made about that by him…

  5. It could have been a mistake.

  6. The admins also deleted the posts about RGE, which means that it really was not suppose to be talked about.

  7. it sounds like another way for them to earn money…

  8. Before he deleted them he said he never should have posted about it because it’s still in the thinking stage…

  9. Good job Nexx at winning that hat priceing minigame. XD

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