Happy Birthday, Briguy’s Roblox!

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of Briguy’s Roblox. Wow. 2 years. And still going strong. It’s almost nostalgic to think of how this all started. A simple idea. Guides. All I wanted to do was to help people have more fun in their games, because with my help they knew how to get to the next level, get the winning capture, or make the final blow.

Briguy’s Roblox was the second-to last Roblox-sponsored blog. It was me, Wonkakid (www.robloxnews.com), Kanaju (robloxtimes.wordpress.com), and SonicBoy (robloxdirect.wordpress.com) and now, almost none of those sites are active. Why? When the devs took the links to our blogs off the Roblox site, things really went downhill. We kept on going with the hope that the people who visited our site through Roblox would take that one extra step to type the link into the address bar.

And for me, it worked. Before, the most views I had in one day, was the first day my site was put on Roblox. That record was beaten last March, when the devs made the test server widely known, and every hit that day was from searches of “roblox test server”

The summer and fall of 2009 was better than the first few months of being endorsed. People never stopped coming.

So Briguy’s Roblox will continue to live on.