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News Today!

Lets check the news!

Hats for Haiti Success!

The Roblox “Hats for Haiti” program has finished, and the results are astounding. Over $5,000 had been raised and donated to the Red Cross. $5000 is definitely nothing to scoff at. You can read more on the Ro-blog.

Time to “set” up some sets!

Sets have just been released. Sets are essentially a group of models put together by you. This way, you can create sets for your games, or create sets from other models, all in one convenient place. Sets also comes with a new insert tool (which is still being de-bugged) and a nice new page on your “My Roblox” toolbar.

Items of the week!

Roblox is now releasing “Items of the Week.” Each week, they will release 1 special hat and 1 special gear that will be available for 1 week ONLY. After that, it goes off sale (and may even become collectible later.) This is great, because it gives everyone a week to get some monies before the item goes away.

New on BG-RBLX

(Is BG-RBLX a bad shortening of our name. I digress)

I changed the theme so that the pages are easily seen and accessed. I also turned on ratings for posts. Hopefully this will keep you entertained until I figure out where this blog is going. (and by going, I mean moving to a real host or not)

Enjoy the wrap-up!



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  2. It’s epical! =D

  3. Sets are epic.

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