Devs working hard or game hardly working?

It has become evident that the devs have been working hard. Very hard indeed.


The devs have released animation to the testing site. It looks great. Want to see it?

Of course, I am thinking wayyy outside the box. What about the users? How will we be able to use animations? Will we have to program every single little movement? Some new “animation studio”? Will there be preset movements? Will we have access to them at all? Questions which should be answered this February.


I’m sure many of the older users have wondered “What happened to the contests?” Well, they are coming, with a brand new system to help it along! You can enter places into the system, and users can vote on a scale of 1-5 how epik it was. This does raise some concern. Will people vote without visiting? Will people create many alts to get their votes up? Will people bribe each other to vote? Why am I asking so many questions?!

Loopkilling BEGONE!

In a release sent out a few days ago, a patch was released that stopped loopkilling (the users know already, get off my back Reese. :3) This is a great step, as it will finally allow users to get on with their game in peace. Yay, world peace!


While I was looking at the comments to the animation video, someone posted something along these lines:

Why don’t you spend less time on the game and fix the community?

Well, it’s a simple answer: The devs can’t change human nature. Telamon isn’t Dr. Manhattan. Get over it. The community is hard to teach and keep track of. All the mods do is punish those who cross the line. Sooner or later people start getting closer to the line, then we push them back, and the whole cycle starts. It’s something that can’t be changed. Oh well.


(Note: My podcast host died. So I can’t do my final podcast of the season until I get it back)