I wish they had this: New Client

The next post series from Briguy: I wish they had this. It’s where I simply go on a little rant about how awesome a specific feature would be. I try to look at every pro, con, and whatever 3 letter word they call things that aren’t pros nor cons. Anyways, today’s topic is….

I wish they had a new client

By client, I mean that thing you get when you hit “Play Roblox.” It’s just a dumbed-down version of Internet Explorer. It’s there because IE is the only browser that can launch Roblox games. Sure, its all nice and dandy, but we want something cooler.

I think when I hit “Play Roblox”, a real game client should load. With all these nice buttons and things. Ever play ANY MMO and notice how they have a nice start screen? Yeah, I want that.

A main menu of sorts. Yes, this will be VERY intensive on old computers. The main menu should have everything and anything you need: Build, Play, Customize, and Chat.

Build is for building you places. It should give you the option to launch Studio or build in Solo (but Studio is much better.) Customize will let you change your character and shop for new clothes. Chat will open up a chatroom style menu so you can see what your friends are up to (Chat can be changed to Friends)

Play will launch a nice window of all the games. This can be much nicer than the current webpage. We could mouse-over and get more info. It can be randomized (!!) from the first 5 pages of games so that other people can get chances. Much nicer and much more possibilities than the web.

But what does this leave out? Two major things: Ads and forum. The ads Roblox puts on the webpage (The real ones, not the user ones) drives in a good amount of revenue. And the user made ad’s also don’t have anywhere to go. D,:

Since this is a client, the Forums don’t really fit in. There can be a link in the Chat tab, but that would just start an internet session and open up the forums. Of course, it IS possible to put it in the Chat menu, but I think it wouldn’t fit.

This would be a MASSIVE programming challenge, not to mention all the design, art, testing, ect. But think of just how much better it would be to have one great client to server jump, chat, customize, and do it all in one window. I wish they had it.



That’s some good candy.

Trick Or Treat v36.00 Candy Tree + Fixed Interact!


written by Knexer

So I was surfing to find today’s review and stumbled upon this okay-looking game that happened to be on the front page. So, naturally, I visited. This place, however, unlike the last Halloween place I reviewed, earns my respect. The place wasn’t bad, as shocking as it may seem since it’s on the front page. My complements to the chef.

When I got there, I had doubts. The place was a bit different and the people in the game seemed to be talking about some strange topic. But, although my doubts were strong in the beginning, I began to like it somewhat. I showed up at a door and clicked mt react tool and a message said the the doorbell had rung. So then someone appeared outside the house and apparently gave me candy. Fun, how fun. So then I continued down the street to another house, an against my expectations, the message, instead of telling me that someone was coming, said no one was there. Yay! Some variety!

But one thing I did not like were the effects in the street and houses and other places. The garages did not have a back to them, and there was some strange paved alley ways between houses. The street lights seemed to be just flattened cone meshes, and did not actually give off much light. I also think the streets could have been given a bit more detail. Other than those minor imperfections, it was fine.

Need For Speed? Nah, I’m okay.

Need For Speed: Downtown ROBLOXia: Halloween Party


Written by Knexer
Suggested By Bubby4j

Now listen, after I got the request for this game, I thought, “What the heck? It’s probably one of my best options right now.” Let’s be honest, before later October, there aren’t that many games that have to do with Halloween anyway. But I needed to get another review, so I did so. One of my biggest regrets.

My first impression was that I wasn’t going to enjoy the game very much at all. The parking lot extended for way more than it needed to, AND IT ONLY HOLDS EIGHT PLAYERS PER SERVER. Unless everyone was an idiot and uses over 30 cars every time they play, it’s time to downsize. But after the visit and I gathered a general assumption about the audience playing the game, I actually began realizing that my comment was a bit more literal than I expected.

But another thing that caught my attention was that, if I’m correct, need for speed is about CAR RACING. And, of course, right by the spawn was several types of skateboards. I should have known, to be honest. The things Roblox creates affects almost directly the audience that is listening. Blame Disney, if they weren’t sponsoring Roblox, and Strawberry Shortcake were to, then everyone would be riding around on Strawberry Carts wearing Strawberry hats talking about who they liked best in their third grade class. Whether it’s Johnny or Andrew, I don’t care. But I’m almost sure that both of the sexes would be concerned either way.

So after my terrible experience in the parking lot, I continued down until I saw several buildings. Great! Actual civilization! Not. The buildings, not only were just big bricks, but also neon ones at it. So either I’ve been high for my whole life and buildings are ACTUALLY neon colors and one solid object, or he needs to get some better dope.

The only thing that got it the one puny star up there is the fact that it stayed with the theme to a slight percentage. The streets were black, there was a layer of fog, and there was the thunder effect that I’m pretty sure Telamon created. So, it got that. But I will probably never come back again, and I suggest you never go there, if you haven’t already.


What is RESblox?

Resblox, or RESL, is an application that you can use to host personal Roblox game servers.

RESL stands for Roblox External Server Launcher.

Is this allowed? At this point, there’s nothing wrong with hosting your own server. The Roblox Studio has always had the ability to launch local servers for testing, but nothing more. Does it work? Yes, but partially. People can connect and play, but your character name, gear, outfit, and other stuff will NOT load. This is because un-official servers can’t connect to the official one to get your name. Then whats the advantages? You have total control of the server. Also, you only have to share the IP of your server with people you know, so it can be as private or public as you want.

Is it safe? As far as I know, yes. The program simply launches the client and connects you. It doesn’t have access to your Roblox account.

It’s a great tool, but leaves a big question as to whether this is going to continue to happen or if the devs will patch it, ECT. I’m glad that someone has found a way to make private servers.

You can check it out and download RESblox here.



It’s the end of September. If you live under a rock, then you might not know that after September comes OCTOBER. In OCTOBER, there is a fun holiday called HALLOWEEN. On HALLOWEEN, people go from house to house dressed up as scary things and beg for candy like idiots. But that also means that on Roblox, there will be tons of new hats, gear, faces, and hopefully the paintball tournament will be going on as well. But that also means that scary contests will take place. Now, as you may already know, contests include PLACES. And I am a PLACE REVIEWER. So that means that I, Knexer, will be reviewing tons of scary places more frequently than I normally do. But as of now, there aren’t many places that I would care about reviewing, because most of the pre-Halloween places are terrible. But, for the first time ever, I will be taking place review suggestions. Just PM, “Knexer,” on Roblox and if I like the place you suggest I’ll review it. But if it’s YOUR PLACE then you will be the subject of harsh forum harassment. ;- ) 

-Knexer; Place Reviewer, Peacock Enthusiast

Roblox Gamecards: Followup!

A long, long time ago I found that picture of the Roblox gamecards that were due to come out at some point. Not much else was heard about it. Until now.

There’s a new link on Roblox where you can enter the PINs on the card. It also has the options to buy Robux and Builder’s Club, but doesn’t have much else.

But why is this link up, but we don’t know where to buy the cards? This is getting weird.


Roblox just announced that you can buy the cards at all Toys R Us and most 7/11 ‘s starting Sunday, September 26th. Woo!


Games, not Thumbnails.

First of all, I’m Knexer. Some may know me as a game reviewer from the previous domain. Why am I named Kellaytheyo? We are friends and he took Knexer on another site, so now we go against each other by taking the other person’s name. I took this one along with my email address, it was irresponsible, and now I cannot change it. Whoops. But life goes on.

A few days ago, I was browsing the site for no obvious reason and I stumbled upon a really awesome looking mountain, or so it appeared. (The Mycomancer’s Mountain) You have to admit, if we’re reading this at the same time and it looks the same, that it’s an awesome mountain, from the thumbnail. I visited the game out of curiosity, and it was terrible. I was, of course, expecting a peaceful little mountain climb that would give me a thing to do for 10 minutes. But that is not true. When I spawned, I turned into a giant freak without connecting limbs, and it was BEYOND annoying. I then headed towards the mountain, which I thought (and hoped) would take me a minute or two, but instead took me around 7 seconds. More annoyance. The mountain, which appears to be quite large, is about a fourth of the actual size. About 1 tenth of the time to climb it as well. There’s also some fighting game built into it, but other than some weird sword, it’s a complete piece of crap. So, hence the name, the thumbnail portrays it as really cool, but in reality, it almost seemed that the creator tried to make the game terrible.

-Knexer (NOT Kellaytheyo)