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oh god what is this i don’t even…

So now begins the long transition for me to get back on this site, and even back on Roblox

See, I don’t just play Roblox. I have other games too (TF2, Minecraft, The Ship, ectect) and I play those too. Sometimes I could go for weeks without even so much as checking Roblox.

I don’t want to say Roblox is a bad game. No, I just think there’s time for Roblox, and then there’s time to play games with friends and others. I even have some connections from Roblox that play other games.

No, I think there’s a major reason that only 8 other people know where I’m coming from. Yeah, the other former forum-mods. After you had the job to keep Roblox safe, you really see everything in a different way. I go on the forums still and think “wow that’s spam i shouldn’t reply to that” or I can just simply glance over the thread titles and tell what is and isn’t spam. Yeah, I have keen eyes.

To be really honest, the forums have been doing really bad since we left. I don’t want to say “omg with us around everything was perfect and there were never blahblah” but I think things were definitely better with us around. Every time I got on there was work for me, and by the time I got off there wasn’t. I really can’t post anymore: I think everything is spam and I shouldn’t feed the trolls.

I’ve gotten over the fact that we haven’t seen an epic builder in a while (side note: uberubert has shown up again … in minecraft) because we are on this magical 2-year cycle for builders. I’m sure with some amount of work that I could make (OR FINISH) some epic places. Then there would be some appeal as I get some visitors… but it will last only so long, because I doubt it would be cool enough to stay up there.

Of course, I still play Roblox and I still love it. I guess something got lost between concept and execution. And everyone is to blame, on some level.



2 Responses

  1. Yeah, I’ve been feeling the same things, although not from losing the position of being a mod. (I never was one. :P)
    Mainly from getting banned from ROBLOX for either getting PGed or from someone using the same glitch used on Clockwork to post as me.
    But, lately I have been returning because of my Group.

  2. There are some good builders. Like blockrat, lance7, etc.

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