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Games, not Thumbnails.

First of all, I’m Knexer. Some may know me as a game reviewer from the previous domain. Why am I named Kellaytheyo? We are friends and he took Knexer on another site, so now we go against each other by taking the other person’s name. I took this one along with my email address, it was irresponsible, and now I cannot change it. Whoops. But life goes on.

A few days ago, I was browsing the site for no obvious reason and I stumbled upon a really awesome looking mountain, or so it appeared. (The Mycomancer’s Mountain) You have to admit, if we’re reading this at the same time and it looks the same, that it’s an awesome mountain, from the thumbnail. I visited the game out of curiosity, and it was terrible. I was, of course, expecting a peaceful little mountain climb that would give me a thing to do for 10 minutes. But that is not true. When I spawned, I turned into a giant freak without connecting limbs, and it was BEYOND annoying. I then headed towards the mountain, which I thought (and hoped) would take me a minute or two, but instead took me around 7 seconds. More annoyance. The mountain, which appears to be quite large, is about a fourth of the actual size. About 1 tenth of the time to climb it as well. There’s also some fighting game built into it, but other than some weird sword, it’s a complete piece of crap. So, hence the name, the thumbnail portrays it as really cool, but in reality, it almost seemed that the creator tried to make the game terrible.

-Knexer (NOT Kellaytheyo)

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