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It’s the end of September. If you live under a rock, then you might not know that after September comes OCTOBER. In OCTOBER, there is a fun holiday called HALLOWEEN. On HALLOWEEN, people go from house to house dressed up as scary things and beg for candy like idiots. But that also means that on Roblox, there will be tons of new hats, gear, faces, and hopefully the paintball tournament will be going on as well. But that also means that scary contests will take place. Now, as you may already know, contests include PLACES. And I am a PLACE REVIEWER. So that means that I, Knexer, will be reviewing tons of scary places more frequently than I normally do. But as of now, there aren’t many places that I would care about reviewing, because most of the pre-Halloween places are terrible. But, for the first time ever, I will be taking place review suggestions. Just PM, “Knexer,” on Roblox and if I like the place you suggest I’ll review it. But if it’s YOUR PLACE then you will be the subject of harsh forum harassment. ;- ) 

-Knexer; Place Reviewer, Peacock Enthusiast

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