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Need For Speed? Nah, I’m okay.

Need For Speed: Downtown ROBLOXia: Halloween Party


Written by Knexer
Suggested By Bubby4j

Now listen, after I got the request for this game, I thought, “What the heck? It’s probably one of my best options right now.” Let’s be honest, before later October, there aren’t that many games that have to do with Halloween anyway. But I needed to get another review, so I did so. One of my biggest regrets.

My first impression was that I wasn’t going to enjoy the game very much at all. The parking lot extended for way more than it needed to, AND IT ONLY HOLDS EIGHT PLAYERS PER SERVER. Unless everyone was an idiot and uses over 30 cars every time they play, it’s time to downsize. But after the visit and I gathered a general assumption about the audience playing the game, I actually began realizing that my comment was a bit more literal than I expected.

But another thing that caught my attention was that, if I’m correct, need for speed is about CAR RACING. And, of course, right by the spawn was several types of skateboards. I should have known, to be honest. The things Roblox creates affects almost directly the audience that is listening. Blame Disney, if they weren’t sponsoring Roblox, and Strawberry Shortcake were to, then everyone would be riding around on Strawberry Carts wearing Strawberry hats talking about who they liked best in their third grade class. Whether it’s Johnny or Andrew, I don’t care. But I’m almost sure that both of the sexes would be concerned either way.

So after my terrible experience in the parking lot, I continued down until I saw several buildings. Great! Actual civilization! Not. The buildings, not only were just big bricks, but also neon ones at it. So either I’ve been high for my whole life and buildings are ACTUALLY neon colors and one solid object, or he needs to get some better dope.

The only thing that got it the one puny star up there is the fact that it stayed with the theme to a slight percentage. The streets were black, there was a layer of fog, and there was the thunder effect that I’m pretty sure Telamon created. So, it got that. But I will probably never come back again, and I suggest you never go there, if you haven’t already.


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  1. LOL! Funny review.

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