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I wish they had this: New Client

The next post series from Briguy: I wish they had this. It’s where I simply go on a little rant about how awesome a specific feature would be. I try to look at every pro, con, and whatever 3 letter word they call things that aren’t pros nor cons. Anyways, today’s topic is….

I wish they had a new client

By client, I mean that thing you get when you hit “Play Roblox.” It’s just a dumbed-down version of Internet Explorer. It’s there because IE is the only browser that can launch Roblox games. Sure, its all nice and dandy, but we want something cooler.

I think when I hit “Play Roblox”, a real game client should load. With all these nice buttons and things. Ever play ANY MMO and notice how they have a nice start screen? Yeah, I want that.

A main menu of sorts. Yes, this will be VERY intensive on old computers. The main menu should have everything and anything you need: Build, Play, Customize, and Chat.

Build is for building you places. It should give you the option to launch Studio or build in Solo (but Studio is much better.) Customize will let you change your character and shop for new clothes. Chat will open up a chatroom style menu so you can see what your friends are up to (Chat can be changed to Friends)

Play will launch a nice window of all the games. This can be much nicer than the current webpage. We could mouse-over and get more info. It can be randomized (!!) from the first 5 pages of games so that other people can get chances. Much nicer and much more possibilities than the web.

But what does this leave out? Two major things: Ads and forum. The ads Roblox puts on the webpage (The real ones, not the user ones) drives in a good amount of revenue. And the user made ad’s also don’t have anywhere to go. D,:

Since this is a client, the Forums don’t really fit in. There can be a link in the Chat tab, but that would just start an internet session and open up the forums. Of course, it IS possible to put it in the Chat menu, but I think it wouldn’t fit.

This would be a MASSIVE programming challenge, not to mention all the design, art, testing, ect. But think of just how much better it would be to have one great client to server jump, chat, customize, and do it all in one window. I wish they had it.



5 Responses

    • This user didn’t really talk about the mmo-style main menu. he just wanted some technical updates.

  1. You’re right!

  2. The client is the thing that sends/receives messages from the server. (Essentially the game/your IP/your connection)

    You are talking about a launcher…


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