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That’s some good candy.

Trick Or Treat v36.00 Candy Tree + Fixed Interact!


written by Knexer

So I was surfing to find today’s review and stumbled upon this okay-looking game that happened to be on the front page. So, naturally, I visited. This place, however, unlike the last Halloween place I reviewed, earns my respect. The place wasn’t bad, as shocking as it may seem since it’s on the front page. My complements to the chef.

When I got there, I had doubts. The place was a bit different and the people in the game seemed to be talking about some strange topic. But, although my doubts were strong in the beginning, I began to like it somewhat. I showed up at a door and clicked mt react tool and a message said the the doorbell had rung. So then someone appeared outside the house and apparently gave me candy. Fun, how fun. So then I continued down the street to another house, an against my expectations, the message, instead of telling me that someone was coming, said no one was there. Yay! Some variety!

But one thing I did not like were the effects in the street and houses and other places. The garages did not have a back to them, and there was some strange paved alley ways between houses. The street lights seemed to be just flattened cone meshes, and did not actually give off much light. I also think the streets could have been given a bit more detail. Other than those minor imperfections, it was fine.


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  1. You misspelled my, “and clicked mt react tool”.

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