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Changing Roblox History: MikeD

Every once in a while, there is that Roblox user who really changes everything. The one who was the first to do something, and do it well. Someone who made a place, and got famous, and was never really forgotten. But what exactly did they do, and how did they do it?

MikeD, one of the oldest users on Roblox, and perhaps one of the most famous. His places, Ultimate Paintball and Minigame World, really set the stage for all the rest for years to come (and yes, I really do mean years)

His most popular place, Ultimate Paintball, has never left the Top Places of All Time list since it got there years ago. The place is great: Fair, Balanced, Big, and Competitive. Pick a destination and there’s three or four different ways of getting there. It really set the stage for most bloxxing arenas to come.

His other place, Minigame World, was a scripting marvel (at the time) because he was the first. And he has almost always been the first. First in minigames. First in obbys (it was one of the minigames). First in admin/VIP shirts and doors (i think Clockwork may have been first but MikeD was the one who really utilized the concept)

Not to mention MikeD’s Fantasy Kingdom (one of the first, and best, open-world “do whatever you want” places) and his Fort Wars (one of my personal favorites – doesn’t work anymore).

In the end, most of his places and legacy has faded away. But the places are still there. They are still part of Robloxia. And you can feel that essence in every place you can go.



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