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Changing Roblox History: Uberubert

Every once in a while, there is that Roblox user who really changes everything. The one who was the first to do something, and do it well. Someone who made a place, and got famous, and was never really forgotten. But what exactly did they do, and how did they do it?

The phrase “tycoons” has easily become related to one of those steps everyone takes from noobdom to being a regular Roblox user. They are quick, simple, and can easily be applied to everything. But where did it all start? UberUbert started it all.

UberUbert started with a simple goal: make bread. He created a great game to do just that, and named it a “tycoon.” It stayed on the front page for days, if not weeks. Many tried to follow him up, but no one could do it good enough.

After he made a few more tycoons (mining, train, and farm) he did something that FOREVER changed robloxia: He released the scripts. Everyone got their hands on it and made it into something they liked. I tried it too and made it into a “sims”-esque kind of game.

Now, everyone seems to make a tycoon at one point before moving on to (what I hope is) bigger and better things. Not much else can be said for UberUbert. Yes, he was a great scripter and brought some fresh ideas, but other than that, he didn’t do much else.

It’s amazing how he did just one thing really good and changed everything because of it.



2 Responses

  1. I remember Uberubert! I always looked up to him… I wonder what he is doing now.

  2. I remember the influence clearly. I started play roblox when bread factories were a big hit and uberubert changed it all around to make a tycoon that actually worked and was fun. He definitely didn’t have the most elaborate scripts, but they were effective and that’s what really matters.

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