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Roblox VS Minecraft: The Ultimate Post of Why They Aren’t Ripoffs Of Eachother

Honestly. People, I don’t know who started this thing saying “Roblox ripped off Minecraft” or whatever, but I’m already tired of hearing it.

I can understand how people can think it’s the same at first glance. But if they did any sort of digging they would see how different they really are. Both games are about “build and do whatever you want,” but how they reach those goals are different.

Roblox uses lego-esque bricks to let user’s build easily from scratch. It’s all there to start with, so you don’t go out day and night looking for that one brick. It’s just *click* and you have the brick.

Minecraft uses simple blocks of many materials to let you build. You have to spend days of work to look for all the materials you need to reach your final goal.

Roblox is all about multiplayer, building these maps to let others play in and have fun.

Minecraft is all about surviving, both in single and (soon to be) multiplayer.

Roblox has been around since 2005-06, according to their copyright date and links from the Wayback machine. Also, my Roblox join date is from 2007, and this blog is from about 2008.

Minecraft is from May 2009, according to the About page on Minecraft.net.

All parts of Roblox gameplay is free to play. Stuff that you can pay for has no affect on the game itself.

Minecraft has a free creative mode. The rest is about 13$.

Both are still constantly updated.

Both have a team of devs working on it.

Both are fun.

On a side note to any Minecraft player that seems to have been referred here:

Roblox pretty much lets you do whatever the hell you want, like Minecraft. People have even built Minecraft in Roblox, which might be the reason people think that Roblox ripped off of Minecraft. Let it be know that USERS built that. Not the company, just fans.

I think this was also fueled because a LOT of Roblox players play Minecraft too. I think Roblox gets a lot of exposure just from Roblox talking about Roblox around/in Minecraft.

Did I miss anything? Just comment below and I’ll be sure to add it later.



5 Responses

  1. “Both are fun.” I beg to differ, MineCraft’s funnest level reigns supreme over Roblox to the point where Roblox is near invisible to MineCraft. The only problem is right now that is holding MineCraft back is that they have to pay with PayPal..

  2. Roblox just can’t be a “ripoff” of minecraft. Roblox came first. Fucking dumbasses who are like “LOL RoBlOx is a MINECRAFT ripoff DURP HERP DERP”

  3. I think roblox is best i’ve also played it for more than a year.

  4. Another thing that hurts Roblox: You can’t play it on a Unix machine. I’m running Mint, and it won’t even allow me to access the game, stating “You must be on a machine running Microsoft Windows”

  5. Oh guess what, Minecraft was Copied, by a game called manic digger
    Look it up on youtube, i play both, i cant wait till the beta version of minecraft gets out

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