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December’s “Robux Every Day” Giveaway!

Update: You can now enter by clicking here!

Yep! It’s been a while since  I did a giveaway. But this December, I want to make it somewhat memorable.

So I’m going to give away 100 Robux away every day to people. I have 3,100 Robux for every day of December. Amazing, eh?

I’m somewhat torn though. The only way to giveaway this Robux is to give it to people who have Builder’s Club, yet they are the ones who get Robux every day.

So here’s the plan: You can enter regardless if you have Builder’s Club or not. If you win and you have BC, congrats. You can make a t-shirt and I’ll transfer the money to you that day. If not, you will go on a waiting list, and I will send you a $1 Rixty credit thats worth 100 Robux. Yay, Robux for everyone!

I’ll post a link to enter the contest on Black Friday (that’s the Friday after Thanksgiving)

Also, some other cool stuff: On the last week of November, the final chapters of Part 2 of My Story will be posted. Yep, part 2 is done. Will there be a Part 3? Yep. But I’m waiting until after my winter break to start it. 😀

Why until after the break? Because during the break I’ll be filming “Stalkers”, which is my own version of the ever popular “There’s a Robloxian In My House!” By Max Benedek. I talked to Max about this and he’s fine that I’m doing something very similar to his.

Enjoy Robux Every Day December!



17 Responses

  1. YAY! You will put the link in this post or a new one?

  2. Are you going to send us the number or send the card to our house?

  3. It would be epic if only 31 people entered xD We’d all get RBX but i realy hope to get the RBX I need a boost to help me TC 😐

  4. So if we have BC and we win you buy the t-shirt we made? Doesn’t that mean that we’ll only get 90R$ because of the tax?(I don’t really care, its only 10R$, not the end of the world).

  5. so we can only win 100 Robux total?

  6. wait so if we dont have bc and we win youll just pm our account the rixty code

  7. What???
    I eneter in a contest how?
    is it thanksgiving contest or something?..

  8. How many people entered?

  9. hello i would like to enter but can u send me a meessage my name is Spectob thnx

    i dont know how o enter though

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