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They set us up the bomb!

(and by “they” I mean fate.)

Hello guys. A quick rundown

  • I fell VERY FAR behind on the giveaway
  • Why? School.
  • It is now my winter break, so I WILL get to everyone who should have won between the first of the month up to now
  • What about My Story?
  • Well I was also going to work on that this weekend.

I’m also sorry for not posting about all the cool Roblox stuff, such as the Burning Man, a new Dialog system, and all of the Christmas presents.

I also got a LOT more PM’s about the open blogger position than I ever thought I would. I’m running through them as I get them. To be really honest, a lot of them aren’t that great. I really have my mind made on one or two people.

Enjoy the holidays!



One Response

  1. Who’s the lucky blogger? ICANHASHINT, pl0x? Also, my main, Benbo231, has been banned for the past 2 weeks. He gets unbanned in 7 minutes. If I won, I’ll make the shirt then.

    Happy winter break, you lucky devil. We go until the 23rd.

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