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Trading: My Ideas

Telamon has recently posted on his personal blog a “thinking out loud” post about the soon-coming Roblox trading system. He makes a few modest proposals (no not that kind of modest proposal. ew.)

I think it shall work like this.

Trading on Roblox is all about the hats(or gear). Hats on Roblox are kinda like the TF2 hats: after they go off sale, the value of the item is really at mercy to the market. While usually people sell the hats higher than they bought it to turn a profit, I’ve seen some hats go lower due to their commonness.

So on Roblox, it has to follow some guidelines:

  • The system has to be easy to use. Nothing scary like the Currency Exchange. Every part of the trade is apparent to see in the trading area. Basically, if you do get scammed out of a hat because they put in trash, it should be completely your fault

(Note: All hats should have how common they are, and a quick glance at the prices they are selling for on the normal hat selling system. The graph thing will work wonders here.)

  • The system shouldn’t limit anything. Meaning that, if you have a fair person, you should be able to get a fair trade. This includes adding money. (Money, however, should only be put in demoninations of some set price, like 100, 500, 1000 and will be taxed. This means the player has to pay 110, 550, 1100, ect) The moneys allow some holes to be filled.
  • The system should watch for bad trades, using average values of what your stuff sells for compared to what the other’s items trade for. I guess in the middle, it should show the difference in value. (but it doesn’t have to be apparent. This should be something for advanced traders so they can really get their money’s worth)

Now, how should the trading WORK?

  • There should be a whole page dedicated to trades.
  • On that page, you should be able to see who is selling. Pictures and names.
  • Anyone can submit a trade REQUEST.
  • In this request, they put in items that they ARE WILLING to trade, BUT NOT AT THAT VERY MOMENT. It’s like collateral. It says to the person “Hey, I got these items. Let’s figure it out”
  • Then the trader will accept the one he thinks he likes

(Note: To avoid spam requests, the trader can set a value minimum. This means that the tradee has to offer hats that have values that add up to or more than the value minimum. Values are, again, derived from an average of the last few sale prices and sale offer prices)

(On this note, one flaw is that the person can offer one really rare hat, but then change their offer when they go to do the actual trade. Repuation system like eBay?)

  • When the trader settles on a person, they exchange offers. It will work both offline and online. Meaning, you can both be on the page and see live updates, but if you happen to leave or they aren’t on when you enter the trade stage, they can still see offers.
  • There should be a chatbox for just the trade that allows you to haggle with the tradee but also send system notifications when they change the offer, drop out of the trade, or accept.
  • Both parties should accept, and also have a 24 hour grace period where the player can equip their items but not re-trade, sell, or delete them.
  • If you want your items back during the grace period, you get them back, but for a fee. No money? Your fault.

Notes on the trade screen itself:

  • Each person should be able to see what the other has
  • You can click on their items and be able to make an offer. “I want X hat and I’ll give Y”
  • HOWEVER, only the person creating the trade puts their items up in the “trade” slot.
  • The trader can now accept (and they still have to accept again) or they can decline and counter-offer.
  • When the counter-offer button is hit the trading slots are cleared automatically, to clear confusion (because the whole offer thing is weird anyways)
  • This continues until something is agreed upon or someone drops out.
  • (Side idea: Player should be able to “lock” hats that can’t be offered at. So if you’re trading hat X but they want hat Y, you can lock Y so they don’t see it and they don’t offer for it)

Other notes:

  • Reputation is always a good idea. If you annoy traders, they will down your reputation so others don’t trade with you. Reputation should automatically go up if the trade goes through, AND no one reverts during the 24 hour trading period AND no one objects (so if the person was really annoying but in the end you finally got to an agreement, you can still down his rep.)
  • Reputation is touchy because you trying to haggle might come off as you being a jerk to the other guy. A good system has to be figured out. (Should the system award rep instead of the players? Can a system be good enough to recognize spammers and those who offer hats that they won’t trade?)
  • In the end, it should be very hard to scam people out of hats. The system should have some in-trade tools (alerts for bad trades, or even not allowing empty trades) but also some out of trade tools (checking to see if someone is trading a lot to one person, having a daily trade limit (or a limit on hat values traded in a day), and some hacks seeing if someone with low rep also has a bunch of bans or warnings.)

Gaaaaaah. Well that spewed out. Questions? Edits? Problems? There’s a comment box for that.


33 Responses

  1. Digesting. I’m going to post a synthesis proposal from all the feedback I’ve gotten in the next day or so.

    • I think an idea (Maybey too laggy) would be to make a page and a game where you can trade. the game could be like a real auction house, all monitered so no one gets too laggy or so no one gets killed there. I also think that the catalog should be like a catalog mall thing where people can walk around a mall and actualy enjoy buying things. just a side idea.

      Maybey there can be several server for public domain stuff (Each Server could have like 20 stores in it that people can create to show their stuff off) and BC members can make there own store(Not to segregate Non-BC members) were people can actualy buy things. for both things, I think it’s a good idea because you know if you are getting ripped off or not.

      If you like this idea, PM me.

    • I like the idea

    • Lol, taxes? Don’t the mods have enough Robux and Tix already?

  2. A reputation system is sorta ridiculously flawful. I think that you should be able to give/take away a certain amount of rep, but once this user gains 100 rep,he gains one reputation point. if he spams or trys to trade unfairly, and eventually gets minus’d rep 100 points he loses a reputation thingy. Whatever.

  3. I think a reputation system would be abused. How it should work; A User can derep or rep up a user a certain amount, and once this user gets repped up to 100 he gains one Reputation point.

  4. Cool cheese! I cant wait for this new update! No more “sniping” hats! Buy I do have 1 question:
    Would unreasonable trades (say, 10 robux for Domino Crown) be accepted as well?

    • They should be. If people are too gullible, ignorant, or unaware of their hat’s value, and still choose to journey into the chaotic pit of the traders, then they deserve to be scammed. Atlas Shrugged style.

      @Telamon will the trading thing work with gear too? Also, it’d be nice to let models and places be sold.

  5. I like the ideas here, I think the trading system should work like eather plan A or B in John’s personal blog

  6. Brilliant idea.

  7. I think that the one flaw (“On this note, one flaw is that the person can offer one really rare hat, but then change their offer when they go to do the actual trade.”) Can be fixed by having both people agree to what there trading, and wont be able to change the hats.

    • No, this is during the collateral phase. It says “Hey, I got these items. Let’s figure out a deal” If they set then trade in stone right then and there, it would be more like Telamon’s original ideas.

  8. Great explanation, I can see this update being a success.

  9. How about you have to make sure there is a limit to certain gear and hats a day, and having it so you can only have people trade to you that only have certain things via a drop down list updated with every new hat/gear (with pic next to it) also allowing you to search for a certain hat.

  10. Suggestion? Yes, the system should offer the reputation to make it fair. AND before you accept the trade, make it to where the person can’t switch a good hat for a trash hat, or if they do, it should say “Do you accept the trade: X for Y?” Otherwise, there wouldn’t be too much point because you’d get scammed the exact same way as ROBLOXians do now. Not fun. Been there, done that.

    I love the idea of the price setters and limiters, so you can be 100% Sure you’d make some money off of a hat. The dropout fee seems kind of harsh, but I do agree with it.

    • You accept the collateral because it says “I got these hats. Let’s trade” Then you go to trade.

  11. I like a lot of the ideas here, but will players be allowed to offer the same items in multiple trades simultaneously? It may sound stupid at first, but it would encourage precise and quick trading, creating competition among traders that would speed along the process.

  12. So when is this coming out? Not a set date yet? It seems very complicated and that’s what I like about it.

  13. I like the part where you can put your items up saying: “These are up for trade, so give me offers”, instead of just having to decide what to trade it for.

    • I think we should probably do the opposite – all your stuff is potentially for trade unless you toggle it “not tradeable”, which you would only do if there was no way you would ever trade it.

  14. I like the ideas…I dont think a reputation system is neccasary but itd be nice! If we had it, make the system do it. Too many ‘noobs’ would give you bad reputation for just not wanting to trade a rare hat for like 5 tix

    We should be able to offer MONEY we currently have to trade! Sometimes you need to throw in a few extra R$ or Tix to make it a bit more fair

    I sorta wish both people have to be online for a trade…just a bit better :#
    And to continue on the ‘like ebay’ idea…What if you can put items up for auction that end after a certain __ amount of time..? Guess its better to start with just basic trading 🙂

    • Not sure if a rep system is needed for trading, but there does need to be some sort of anti-trade-request spam filter, otherwise users with desirable rare items are going to be constantly harassed with lowball trade offers.

    • I completely agree with asimo3089!

      • Auction system is good, that way you choose what you want. However, the ‘one at a time’ thing won’t work. Make all the stuff in a list, each one having an auction going on at once. That way, it adds to the high-octane, high-risk environment.

        Anything and everything in the catalog should be tradable. Places, models, and decals included. Gears, faces, clothes, hats, etc as well.

        Also, let people sell places, models, decals. Easy enough system, just a mod on the ‘Take One’ that’s currently in place on Free Models. It adds another perk to Builder’s Club (I guarantee people will buy it), as well as giving us builders and scripters an easier way to do business and profit from the models.

  15. This is a kinda of topic question for Briguy, but Ive been working on a Roblox story, alot like yours. Only this story is from the actual realm of Robloxia, and has actual users.
    I made the first one, which had seven chapters, based on the hunt for the Skullkids presented by Lando64000 from 2010’s early summer. It has more then just that though, it also has a plot, a conflict, and an enemy or two, like most stories. And with the complex, and sometimes even limited world of Robloxia, this adventure grows.

    But I couldnt stop.

    I began creating a second series, even greater then the first!
    It takes placs around when the presents are coming out in Christmas 2010. Now, the main character (me) wrote the story from the first series, and was seen by Lando64000 who loved it! Now, Bonk Lando and a girl named Splecki (owner of RAGE, my actual best friend) go out to get the badges needes for the 16 Bit present. But, just like last time, ANOTHER, even GREATER obstical comes in their way! They are forced to complete the tasls laid out before them, or they will be hacked and/or banned for life!

    If you would like to see these stories, I can give them to you by chapters. Maybe even post it on here?


    P.S. Great story you wrote!

  16. You should be able to trade multiple things, including heads, faces, hats, gear, money. Like say one hat is worth more then you have but you can add in a item with it? And basicly you send a request, the other person either disapproves, or approves. If he approves, he’ll put what he wants, and there could be a section on the chat for Trading, if you have a open trade currently pending or in progress. You should be able to talk about it. But anyway, when he approves it, he puts what he wants, and then the person who started the trade must approve the trade, and the other player must approve it too. doesn’t matter who has to do it first, they both need to approve either way.

  17. It would be nice to also trade non limeted items

  18. I think that you should be able to trade more then just hats such as models, places, other clothing, ect.

  19. There should be taxes becuse it add’s to more realistic experiance when trading and learns you about finace and currency which you will need to know when you get a job and house.
    The pahe for trading wouldnt realy be buggy but ‘CalebChoate’ idea would be laggy ( why deticate a place to trading?). Thats my point.


  21. I like the ideas here, I think the trading system should work like eather plan A or B in John’s personal blog.

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