Briguy’s Roblox: 3 Years Old

It was December 2007. This post popped up on the developer blog. It showed one of the first Roblox sites. A simple blog ran by WonkaKid, it was super popular and the go-to site for awesome Roblox stuff. More followed, trying to emulate the success of WonkaKid.

A month later, I’m sitting, reading these sites. They only post reviews and interviews. “What about guides? Some places can get really hard to understand, so looking at a nice guide can help.” So I did. I made this site, and wrote a few guides.

The winner was the guide to the then-popular UberuBert’s Bread Tycoon. We talked a little about it, got some links thrown up, and got some views driven to the site.

Then this post came. I did it! I was posted, added to the group of others who had blogs. We were a strong four(?).

Time went on as normal. Things were posted, guides were made, and Roblox went on in life.

Cue sometime in 2009 when all the links from Roblox to the blogs were removed for safety reasons. Those of us who were still active were devastated. We see our stats, and we knew how many hits came through that blog.

Everyone went their ways, and almost none of the blogs were updated. I tried to move this to a personal server at (which I still own until March) but it broke and I went back here.

Then, things got better. I posted, I blogged, and I kept up with things. In an amazing twist of fate, Briguy’s Roblox was put back on the Developers blog, but this time alone.

The past 3 months have been on-par with how many hits the blog got before it was de-linked. October was the best month ever in Briguy’s Roblox history.

And now Arceus25 is joining the team, to help continue to post and keep up to date about Roblox.

Let’s make this year awesome.