The Lord’s of Ranges Cape Review

Not sure if many of you know me yet, but I’m Arceus25 from Roblox and many other sites. I came to review games and post updates on important news you may want to here and discuss. My birthday is also very soon, so I may post again soon incase I can’t next week, because I have alot of things I have to do. Great to be with the blog Writers and audience!

I recently viewed a new game created by RangeMeludE, a commonly known User who creates extremely realistic RPGs(Roleplaying Games).

The game I will talk about is The Lord’s of Ranges Cape.

Before I ever visited the place, I would see his amazing advertisements all the time. His advertisements could possibly be the most terrific ones you will/have seen on the site since the feature was added, that was a real attention getter for the game.

But anyway, it didn’t stop there, you didn’t spawn in the middle of a random battlefield like alot of games do, which leads to getting spawnkilled by the Monsters. This landed you in a safe zone, a Shop right near it to which was a good convenient thing. (At the moment you can only buy new weapons, but I bet armor and other things will be added). Instead of walking throughout a whole map, there we’re spells you could learn that allowed you to teleport to a specific zone which fit your level, to keep from cheating and saving time. The GUIs in the game are nicely made, which include a News GUI, the Shop uses a GUI, and the Quests/NPCs(Not the featured ones, personally made NPCs).
Fighting a Orc Mage GUIs Adventure shop

Now for the gameplay. When I came to the first zone it was in a deep Forest. There we’re Monsters which reached up to level five. There was plenty of space between each Monster so you wouldn’t be attacked by more then one, but was easy to walk to other Monsters and wasn’t a long distance..
 As I leveled up throughout the game, there we’re quests I had to do, which we’re used by GUIs as we’ll, but did not take up the screen. The first quest I ran into was helping an Adventurer defeat five Orcs(Low leveled Monsters in Orc Forest) because he accidently teleported into the Forest, and couldn’t fight his way out.

I defeated the five Orcs and helped him get back to safety! The only problem was you could come back and continue to recieve the reward, which will probably be fixed soon. I kept on killing Monsters and leveling up, the cool thing about the AIs(Monsters) we’re that they could attack by moving there arms too.
A downer about the game is that you must get badges, those are the checkpoints in the game, you can’t save anytime, just when you get a badge.(I.E. If I get the 500 gold achievement badge, when I spawn into the game I’ll get 500 Gold.)

This game was great, it might be one of the best made. There will be more though, it’s still being built as of now. If you’d like more of his games, please visit his profile; RangeMeludE.