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Legacy RPG Review

A fantastic RPG, Legacy is one of the newer Roleplaying Games, created by NINJAKID09.

Legacy RPG

It all started when someone suggested it to me. I thought “Sounds like it’s cool but I think it may be to new/early for a review” but I decided it’s worth reviewing.
This game is the most realistic RPGs I’ve seen in awhile. When you enter, it seems as if you we’re playing a real RPG, it contains a major amount of GUIs, the only problem is they cover the screen a bit to much, there’s obviously room for improvement there, but it’s still one of the best I’ve seen.
When you walked around, it seemed like forever ti’ll you reached somewhere, because the place was extremely laggy. The place was really nicely built though. It really was, didn’t have a scratch on it.
Lolz Loading Guis
There wasn’t much area, because as I’ve said, it seems to be very new and in progress. When you went to different areas like the sewer, it was the best teleporting experience ever, because it showed a image of it and a loading bar. WOW! How much more realistic can it get!
When you chatted, it would show just below your character instead of in the corner. Seems legit and a nice thing.
The quests are nicely made, and scenery for this place seems good. If your looking for a professionally made RPG, this is one of them!

You can view more of his places here; NINJAKID09‘s


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  1. Cool, I can’t wait to try it out.

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