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Roblox + mac = not as bad as some thought

I thought I’d take a day off of reviewing places to talk about the new mac version of Roblox that is being tested. I am a mac user of Roblox, however I do have a PC so I am able to play games. Everyone on the forums beforehand had assumed that the mac version would be extremely laggy, and not work very well. To their dismay, the mac version does not lag at all, which has gotten me very excited. The only things wrong with it are that it frequently quits without any reason whatsoever. It also does not work whenever you try and use your mouse to scroll, it just moves about like crazy. But you can use the on-screen buttons or, “O,” and “I.”

I hope it is released soon, as I would enjoy playing more games on a mac. It’s very nice so far, just a couple flaws. Happy debugging Roblox!



3 Responses

  1. xD mac version… hmmm… the mouse scroll bug sounds something like what happens at my school when i try to play :/ At school there is this OS called Windows 2010 Multipoint Server it’s a Windows OS but the bugs sound similar to what happens on it

  2. I play ROBLOX! as jwfh at roblox

  3. Sounds like Roblox is doing something good! I can’t wait, when I play Roblox on my windows it overheats and shuts down, yet no lag almost ever. XD. Now that I’m BC, testing, here I come.

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