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Arceus25’s ROBLOX giveaway!

Having a big video contest since I know how there’s so many people out there that love making videos!

Prizes; 5000R$ for first place, 1500R$ for second, and 500R$ for third, I might even give 100R$ to each person for participating!

This is how it works, I know how alot of people are disappointed in the fact ROBLOX doesn’t do vide-ANY contests anymore(Besides the thumbnail ones) so I decided to make a video one! It’ll be great for you guys who like to make them. It doesn’t really matter what music you choose but it really needs to stay PG(I.E. No curse words, low violence(Probably none at all)) and yeah. This will last ti’ll March FIFTH! so in case anyone doesn’t have enough time to pull it together in a week or two, you’ll have plenty of time now! No need to rush. Also, if we don’t recieve more then ten or so entries, I’ll just give small rewards out, probably won’t all equal 5000R$ or anything..

Remember, be creative with it and always make sure it isn’t dull and even ask Friends or other Users about what they think might improve it! You can even look at other ones from past contests and maybe get an idea if what you want it to be!


Gonna mention again has to stay PG, because that’s an important factor.
Blood/gore is really not recommended, just incase you might get disqualified, so it’s suggested not to add it period.
Make sure the title has Briguys Winter Music Contest in it or else it might not be counted.
Try and mention the site in the description or in the video credits or even the video! It really helps us, but it is not neccesarily expected, (so no you don’t HAVE too).
Please try and not copy off others, I don’t expect it to happen but it’s not like it’s impossible.

Remember, alot of money is on the line, this is your chance if your a video making kinda person, good luck to all! Sorry for non-BC, looks like they gotta sit this one out.

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