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Let’s Break It Down!

Life gets busy, what with the high school and the college applications and the whole “I turn 18 in a month” deal, so I didn’t have much time to catch up on Roblox. So lets do it right here, together!


An in-game recorder has always been on the list of “things people really, really, really want” so I wasn’t that suprised when it was announced. Now, it is fully live on Roblox (for those who have Windows 7 and Vista) so it’s kinda a big deal! There are still a few kinks to work out, such as the mentioned Vista/7 only thing, and the fact that the videos themselfs need work, such as sound and a bit higher quality.


This weekend wrapped up the Transformer’s coin hunt. I didn’t take part, but I didn’t hear any objections so I’m sure it went off without a hitch. But now, this place has appeared, but it has no “event” associated with it. Weird? I think so. I suggest you go and investigate.

BC Tags!

Oh BC tags, why do you troll so much? It seems Roblox added some tags to everyone’s character that owns any form of BC to show, simply by glancing at your character, that you have BC/TBC/OBC. It does seem like a bit of an odd update, but it’s really interesting to go to the top place and see, at a glance, how many users playing do or don’t have BC. (It’s surprisingly close to half.)

New Devs!

There are two new devs, Kumbhkaran and ostrichSized, further proving that Roblox Devs can think up some of the most silliest titles to their usernames ever. They’ll be working on the website.

Finally, new blogs!

I don’t know how this flew under my radar for so long, but there is another Roblox blog up “against” mine simply called Roblox News. It’s run by Arbirator and a few other people. They seem to be out-doing me in the whole “actually blogging” category, but I think we got them on age. Yep, age.



3 Responses

  1. ah-hem-hem, i guess you forgot about ME and about how I set up a blog on this site too… sheesh, giving arbirator all the credit… D:

  2. Yo Briguy if your turning 18 in a month and going to college will you have any time for ROBLOX anymore? Because i would seriously like to have your account 😀 not to say that i want it without your permission though, also go check out my blog @ jmansroblox.wordpress.com plz

  3. woah, recording, I remember suggesting that like a million times. Too bad you still need a youtube account. I wish roblox could have the videos on it’s own site.

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