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So here’s the current breakdown..

And this is for all of us Writers here, but mostly me I guess.

I haven’t posted as much as I expected, but I feel like that’s why our site activity is slightly lower, so I’m gonna try and post more reviews as much as possible, and rants. 😛

Also, the contest for Robloxia’s best inventions is still underway! Each contestant is currently entitled for 750R$ as is, I may be raising it to 1KR$, but I’ve recently given out 5KR$ and I’m starting to actually get low on cash. (OMG IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? IM MADE OF MONEY!!)

After that I won’t have a contest until this summer, which I(And if any others wnat to help) 500 Robux and the goal is to give at least 65 people 500R$ per person!

Welp, that’s how it’s gonna work for me, not sure if anyone else will be wanting to add on? We’ll see.
OH, and also I got banned for giving money away, so I can’t be posting on the site about these anymore.


3 Responses

  1. I recently submitted something to the blog? When will it be reviewed?

  2. I didn’t know where to comment about the story page but on chapter 16, how did the girl know about the name “Fyatr” for the blobs if MrDoomBringer made up that name?

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