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With Chaos Comes New Ideas

Recently on the test server, the admins were running a test to see how many people could cram into one server. Well, they asked everyone they could to help. 64 players later, a chaotic mess of people were in the place. There were mounds of people swarming one another, usually an admin. All the cars (the test was held on a copy of Telamon’s Big World place) were strewn into giant piles. It was a mess. Really.

So what exactly does this mean?

Well, I didn’t lag (too much, only in spikes) for a place that had an average amount of bricks. But this test was held just to see how many players can fit in one server. What about actually playing a game?

Imagine it. Getting a full server of 32v32 paintball CTF. Now that would be amazing. You could have a tournament style place with teams of 4. (64/4 = 16 teams) Imagine a 64 player hide-and-seek game, or 64 players in a race. Really, any place that can work with more players might be more fun with giant games.

Now. getting 64 players is a really big challenge. But even with 32 players( teams of 16, ect) is still a nice, big game. I hope the build to support 64 players comes out soon. I want to go remake Planetside.



5 Responses

  1. yo briguy i met an admin on a game. You know, Sorcus? Yeah, i took a screenshot and i’m gonna upload it to roblox soon. I’ll give you the link when possible

  2. I was in that for a little bit, but then my computer was laging alot. So I just left:( I don’t know why everyone swarms or mobs admins? They are just people? Well anyways….if I ever meet at admin, with I probably never will:( I won’t swarm them I’ll just say”Hey” “Hey” and do my owe thing. I’m sorry I can’t wright in paragraphs becaus I’m on my iPod, so I have 1 question…..can have an admin(ROBLOX, Builderman, Telamon, you, Brighteyes) Anyones good though, can you guys help me with scripting please? Thanks guys your great! Message me: Ilikeyou123456667890.

  3. I remember once there was a glitch and 244 people could be in one server, I swear. I thought it was lie at at first, some noobs spammed the comments saying z0mg l14r!!!

  4. I was there! :D, You can even see me in front of cuckooclock on the first image 8D.
    I also won the mini contest to find briguy :3

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