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A Pivotal Point

I’m sitting here, late on a Wednesday night, thinking about what to say. It’s not like it’s a big deal, but more of a touchy subject.

As of March 20th, I’m back as a moderator on Roblox. Yes, it’s a nice achievement. I’m happy to be back doing this work, and I think a lot of the users are happy to see me back too. Things are much different than when I did it before, but it still feels like I’m doing the same thing: making things fun for users.

It has been ten days since the 20th, so I’ve gotten time in moderating. I’m posting, interacting, getting along with the other mods, and just trying to take it like a fun thing to do instead of a job. All work and no play, ectect.

So this leaves the undying question that I’m sure some of you are reaching because you are TL;DR-ing this article. What’s going to happen to Briguy’s Roblox? I still had this blog when I was a mod before, but this is much different because I just kinda checked on the forums every now and then. NOW I’m seeing things no user can ever see.

So what will happen to Briguy’s Roblox? Nothing, at this point. This blog has always been about delivering content straight to your face in the most untimely fashion ever. All flaws aside, it’s still going to be doing what it does. Me and Arceus are going to continue to post and blog away. We maybe even experiment with videos, contests, micro-blogging (basically posting interesting links) and anything else.

Meanwhile, I’m making the final push through senior year of high school and already have plans set to go off to college. Arceus is also a student. Plus I bet almost 90% of Roblox is too. Some of us are just older.

Briguy’s Roblox is still going to chug away, however quickly or slowly we do it. Want to contribute? Want to see more posts by a user who’s name is EXACTLY like yours? You can submit articles, tips, opinions, or whatever to the Submit page at the top. I’ve already gotten tons of submissions, but only one or two have stood out. Many people are submitting what seems like these “micro” reviews. Pro-tip: If you want to submit a review, have it be nice, long, and in-depth. I don’t want to post reviews that just have 5-10 sentences.

So we shall continue to go on. And have fun while doing it. That’s what this site is for: a fun group of people posting about a fun game.


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