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Build To Survive

Ajedi32 gets AT LEAST 1,000 tickets from me a year from the amount of times I visit his Build to Survive game. It is fun. The ‘disasters’ are creative and very fun. Well, you get what I mean. The disasters can’t literally be fun. However, the best part of it is the sky fortress building contest that is almost always going on in every game. You get enough money in the beginning of the game, and then buy the Anchor tool and a pre-built house that is also anchored. Once you do that, you make a cool flying contraption and get way up into the air and build a fort to protect yourself from land disasters. I know most people say cheating is bad, but if you consider this cheating, you may find an exception.

It reigned as one of the most popular games, and still is with more than two million visits. However, the game is a bit glitchy. On occasion, the disasters may not work, and sometimes bricks spontaneously delete themselves. But it’s worth the sacrifice.

Visit it here


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