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Accursed Ads!

So you think you can make ads? Well most of the Roblox community can’t… Examples:

That’s a repeating picture of something along with horribly coordinated text. Paint much?

Non-Transparent text. Another failure of paint.

PAINT.NET YOU FOOLS! Now my suggestions? Use Paint.Net or if you are too lazy to do that… STOP HOGGING UP THE AD SPACE! This took no effort and I made it in Paint.Net!

See its not that hard! Go try it!


This was in the submission box from Puppier, a user who sees the same problem that all users see. In fact, people in Builder’s Club see this more. They don’t get offsite ads, but they get onsite too. Because the free users fight between on and off for ads, they see users ads less, and builders club sees them all the time (unless you have Ad-Block)

So why are a lot of these ads so bad? To put it simply: most kids stink at art. You know the silly crayon drawings? This is the internet form of that. Not to mention their naivety. Pffght, kids.

While I think there’s no easy way to fix it, there are a lot of ways to alleviate the problems.

  1. Set better examples. You know how ads get copied a lot? Kids want to try to emulate what they saw, but fail in the long run. Best solution? Simply take it and write over it. Good artists copy, great artists steal. So people should run good ads. I know this sounds like a stupid statement, but if you run ads that look great AND are easy to make, you have a winner
  2. Teach. While showing people GIMP or Paint.Net is great, how will they figure out how to do all the nice features and gimmicks that a lot of the experienced users employ in their workforce of ad making? If you take the time out to even write down how to make things transparent or how to layer, things will get MUCH easier on the eyes.
  3. Creative distance. If you happen to, or happen to know someone who is making an ad, force this on them. If you make the ad, don’t upload it right away. It looks great when you finish, but would you want to stare at it for long later? Here is a trick: if you are on a computer only you use, set it as your background for one whole day. Doesn’t look to great on a background right? If you don’t like it, do you think it would look good on Roblox? Come back later and look it over for flaws. What you may see as straightforward, others might be confused.
  4. Be creative.

Thanks to Puppier for submitting to the Submit page. Anyone is welcome to submit!



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  1. Unfortunately, my computer is too old to download paint.net, why i dont make ads.

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