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Forums, forums, forums…

Yep, I’m here to discuss st00f about the Forums.
So, I got some points of views on the Forums ABOUT the forums(Lol) and the response was all-in-all the same.


Most people agree, some people referenced it as some sort of war format which isn’t anything new to me. When I used to go on the forums, it was also the same as any other forum, trolling, flaming, and the good part still in there, only difference is they can be more goofy then trollish mainly because Roblox is targeted to allow much younger kids to have fun, but again allowing all ages to play. A common thing I see on the forums is memes being used over and over.

Portal references got old in 2007

This is one I see alot, ‘The cake is a lie!’.
Oh course, again they can be much more hyper and goofier then most people. But there’s alot of people who just spam the forums for fun, and with Briguy being a Moderator again, hopefully he can help fix that!

The Forums seem a bit over-populated at the moment.
Don’t get me wrong – I like the fact that more users are turning to the Forums as a way of making friends and socializing. It’s just a little harder to keep up with things.

I was able to get a much more mature person to give feedback, his point is completely valid in everyway, Roblox is very overpacked which means it’s Forums are one of the most active, if not the most with having so many posts just by the minute. Alot of people mention it’s another thing to do on Roblox to make sure they use up there spare time, and that it can be very enjoyable.
Though there can be very weird people, every once in awhile I’ll get people asking how the game works and other very strange questions, and sometimes making me feel like Roblox can attract creepers/stalkers, and this has happened alot on the forums, because it’s so popular it can cause a threat to people playing it, especially since most kids there age haven’t been taught about internet safety. I know no one discussed it to be until I was around twelve two years ago. So it seems as the forums could need work, it’s nothing to fret a whole lot about, everything can have issues.


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