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My interview with Telamon.

Last Summer, when I was active, I managed to get an interview with Telamon. It was probably one of the best things I did prior to my news career, and I have saved it in my inbox since. I haven’t ever shared it publicly. (Except on the forums, once, but only about 5 people saw it because the rest didn’t believe me :P) I felt like I should bring it out again. I just spent two hours sifting through my inbox trying to get it. However, here it is:

Original Date: 7/2/2010

For what reason did you begin working at ROBLOX?

I spent all my money on school, and I’m not independently wealthy, so I needed to get a job. ROBLOX was the most interesting out of all my options.

What are some ideas you have in store for ROBLOX in the future?

We’re going to make building more fun and we’re going to make the building tools more powerful. We’re also going to try to make the game more interactive and social.

Have you personally made any hats? If so, a couple examples?

I made most of the early hats, before we decided it made more sense to get a real artist to do it. I guess the most famous is the Domino Crown.

Do you ever enter contests?

I haven’t for a while – way too busy to build places, sadly.

Do you have any more Builder’s Club updates in store?

If you mean new flavors of BC, no. If you mean will there be more benefits to being in BC in the future? Almost certainly.

Demonsinyourmind wants to know: If ever; when will the egg hunt be?

We said we’d announce it in the next OBC cast and we will. That will probably be next Friday.

Tonitoni wants to know: What’s your favorite ROBLOX game?

It’s pretty impossible to pick just one. I got addicted to Miked’s paintball two years ago – I probably have the most accumulated hours either there or in SFOTH.

Multiple people want to know: When will fire be released?

Sometime this summer. It’s basically done, but there’s other graphics work that is holding up the release of new graphics features at the moment.

(I had opened the forums up for people to give me questions to ask.)


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