Knexer’s New Advice Thing

I’m almost two years old now (Roblox, of course. In 8 days) and my two Roblox News shows are on hiatus until summer. So, being an experienced writer, I’d like to open up the lines for Roblox advice. I’m sure everyone’s seen the “Dear … from …” articles online or in a local newspaper, but to my knowledge, no one has ever done this Roblox-style. If you’re having a problem deciding whether you should spend your newfound riches on that gear you want, or give it to a friend who needs it desperately, or maybe whether or not you should stop asking for donations and earn money on your own, PM Knexer. No names will be announced, I’ll just call you by a nickname created by what’s in your letter. I’d like to keep the entries short (1 paragraph or two), so if your message is pretty long, I’ll edit it down. I’m going to try and publish an article once a week or whenever one comes in. (Depends on how many messages I get.)

If you would rather keep things completely anonymous, just fill out the form below:



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  1. Brilliant Idea, You will help many different people achieve what they want, I will use this because I have many different dilemmas, and I may be so confused with one, My post will not be readable!

    I think you should honestly become an admin…Really, I do.

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