Review: The Underground War

(Note: This was submitted by Shagabash. Thanks!)

The Underground War is a classic game made by an excellent game creator, stickmasterluke.

Although the game’s picture shows very little of what to expect, it really leaves you wondering. The Underground War is a simple sword & gun fight, except with one major difference: it’s under the surface!

The basic gameplay is — well, basic. There are 2 teams, 2 sides of the map separated by a wall, 2 towers on each side, and (to break the spree of 2’s) 3 tunnel entrances on each side. Each team also has a flag, which if brought successfully by an opponent to his own flag, gains a handy amount of points. Now you’re probably thinking, “so do I jump over the wall to get the flag?” Well, the answer is no. Remember that the majority of this game takes place underground. Using your Swuvle, which acts as a Sword and a Shovel (word combinations FTW), you can dig out blocks of ground through one of the tunnel entrances. Make your way to the opponent’s tunnel system until you find your way out onto their side. Than snatch that flag and dash for safety! Remember which tunnel you came out of, because if you don’t, you might get pinned down in an uncleared tunnel.

When you begin the game, you have the starter Swuvle and the starter Sniper. You soon find that there is a shop GUI that allows you to purchase 4 upgrades, and if you would like to show what you’ve done, 4 badges. To buy these, you need points.

You are able to gain points by doing any of 4 things: Digging, killing, dying (believe it or not), and capturing the enemy flag. As you can see, you can really rack up the points by getting the flag a time or 2.
-Digging a block of earth gives you 1 point
-Dying gives you 2 points
-Killing an enemy player gives you 4 points
-Capturing the enemy flag gives you 20 points

There are 4 upgrades and 4 badges purchasable in the shop. Each are only buyable once. Badges DO take your points, so only buy them if you have extra. You can find the badges on the game page.

-Swuvle Dig Rate costs 50 points

-Swuvle Damage costs 50 points

-A top grade sniper (Sniper+) costs 100 points

-A single-use per life Medkipz (heals you fully) costs 100 points

As you can see, I have basically only talked about how to play the game. Now I want to talk about strategy, the quality, etc. Well, playing this game with teamwork can make a huge difference. Going in by yourself for the flag is basically suicide, and digging by yourself (especially without the upgrade) can be quite draining. A good strategy is to send 2 people on a side of the map (stealth from other players seeing your name), then when they least expect it, send somebody out as a distraction (while shooting anybody in sight), followed by someone taking the flag and fleeing for home. The rest of the team can stand guard, or even help the attackers out by sniping from the towers. If you’re a sniping type, you can also rack up some good points just by the ‘death from above’ strategy.

Having a sword and a sniper in your backpack creates some interesting gameplay to say the least. The most usual occurrence is where one team is behind a block on one side, and the same on the other side, until someone takes a chance and runs through the tunnel. It usually ends up bad for that person, since the opposing team can get a good shot off of him while only showing their arm to shoot at. A strategy that I like to use at that point is to start digging a tunnel right next to the current one, until there stands one block in between each team, which gives a good chance to any swordfighters who want to have some action (because it’s very close combat).

To sum it up, The Underground War has a nice mix of strategy, skill, and teamwork. It’s a simple game, yet the game can be changed quite a bit by just choosing different strategies. I would suggest it for beginners, however any old timer would find it fun too.