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Inside the Roblox Wiki

When I was a new person in Roblox, (Nov. ’07, on a different account) I frequently read the Roblox Wiki to help me script. There was “The beginner’s guide to scripting,” which pretty much got me started. I always read it when I needed help. However, I got a chance to be a part of the wiki in a small contest within the Scripters’ forum. I lost that opportunity to a user named Mattchewy.  I was okay with it though, because shortly afterwards I became a place reviewer here at Briguy’s Roblox. I interviewed Mattchewy to see how life was like within the Wiki.

I’ve heard quite a bit about “shifts” on the wiki, would you care to explain them? 

Well, we don’t actually have organized shifts. That is just a term that gets associated with us. Basically, someone will create a page. The other writers will view that page and edit out all the inconsistencies. Once that happens, an editor, like myself, will review the page and approve it. 

Who’s the head writer/editor of the wiki? 

We really don’t have declared positions, but MrDoomBringer would be the head Sysop, and NXTBoy could probably be classified as the head writer/editor.

Is scripting the only thing that the Wiki covers at the moment?

Well, that’s most of it. Right now, we are mostly working on documenting all of the Roblox objects through a series of complicated templates.

Do you plan to ever publish user-submitted articles? 

Actually, anytime someone sends me a fully written article and I approve of it, I will publish it. You won’t get credit for it on the page, but yea, I will add it.

How often are new Wiki writers hired?

Well, we aren’t really hired, as we get no payment. Anyways, MrDoomBringer usually picks three or four every 2 or 3 months. We are up to 37 now.

Is MrDoomBringer and approachable figure? 

Yes and no. Whenever he is active on the wiki, we can talk to him and ask him questions… but he’s not on very much, so it’s difficult sometimes.



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