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The Scripting Dilemma

Dear Knexer,

How exactly could you learn how to script easily? I try videos on YouTube and tutorials on the Roblox Wiki, But nothing works.

Wanting To Script

Dear Wanting to script,

Well, I’m a scripter, but I never actually learned from a guide. Like some people, I tried to learn from a guide at first, but I sort of quit. I just got to a point where I was familiar enough with scripts to edit them. After that, I decided that it would be worth it to just start over from the beginning and use a Wiki article. So I went to this article. Now, I’ve heard countless people say that the Wiki doesn’t really help with scripting. It does. I learned most of everything I needed to know from that article. But afterwards, I wanted to learn more. So naturally, I tried to hire someone to teach me. This never works out as well as people think. I quit that soon after, realizing that all of the good “teachers” were way too expensive for me. I just sat down, and did what I hated most. Practiced. I’ve been told that “practice makes perfect,” but I never tried it because I just wanted to learn quickly, with no real work. But it helped. Along the line, I decided on trying to make a minigame-based game that picked random people to play. At this time, I still didn’t know much about scripting, so I simply sent a few PMs out to some good scripters asking for help. I got a reply from DingDong272. He really helped me throughout all of my dilemmas while I was still learning to script. He quit Roblox shortly after, but he really was an inspiration. I know you think that Wiki articles won’t help, but that is where you need to start. YouTube videos probably won’t help much, but I know from experience that the Wiki will.



PS: There is no ‘easy’ route to learning how to script. It takes a long time, and it isn’t easy.

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