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Roblox HQ: Goodbye?

These forums are going down earlier than announced. I wanted to give people at least the weekend, for those who don’t use the internet much during the week. Thanks for making RHQ a unique place to hang out, and I wish you all the best as you go on with your lives. Stay classy.

– clockwork, 5/1/2011

Welp, there goes the neighborhood. Or here it comes. I don’t know.

Roblox HQ was made by Clockwork while he was still an intern at Roblox in 2007-2008. It was created to be the “major” Roblox fan site: Place reviews, fake stock market, and a forum. For a while, that seemed to work. Everyone loved to go there and have fun and do reviews. The system was great.

It slowly went downhill. It seems the forums attracted a lot of the users who were too old for Roblox but too young for adult things. So they hung around the forums a lot and did a lot of things that were too bad for Roblox (like swearing.) Clockwork caught on quickly and did the right thing: set some rules to make it not a trashbin, but still trashy the same.

It all leveled off: They developed a community, played games with each other, and became friend by acting like teens to each other. I was amazed at how something silly happens one day to someone and they come back later like nothing happened. You know, like guys do in real life.

But that all went downhill in the last month. Like, Mariana Trench downhill.

One user was feeling really depressed and sad, and decided to post on Roblox HQ about wanting to hurt himself. The users didn’t take it seriously at all, and some even encouraged the user to go through with his threats. This was bad. Bad, bad bad. Clockwork (thankfully) caught notice of it all. He did the right thing: banned everyone doing the wrong things, and alerted authorities to the situation. Clockwork threatened to shut down the forums, but kept it after everyone pleaded with him.

About a week ago, another situation arose, this time something to do with a picture of someone. This, being along the same lines of the last problem, left Clockwork with only one choice: shut down the forum section.

To be fair, the forums were so vaguely related to Roblox. Most users there were too old for Roblox, and just wanted to come together on that fact. Only a few forums were dedicated to Roblox, and most of the threads were complains. C’est la vie.

Robloxhq.com still exists, however Place Reviews are bugged and the Stock Market and the Noobmeter gets old really fast.

…so is this bye?



2 Responses

  1. I honestly hope this is not the end, I was also worried at the part when the user said that he was going to harm himself. I was thinking about the same things…

    It would be a shame if it was shut down because I found roblox HQ great!

  2. rockhardquarry.com

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