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New channel + updates on top ten games

Alright, before I discuss what I wanted to discuss, we’re still getting some much appreciated feedback on the top ten games of 2011, we have many so far that have a good chance to get in, most sent to me by private messages. Keep sending them though! My username is Arceus25!

Alright, so recently we’ve started a new gaming channel to play multiple games, two main guys are Skas and I, no one else is actually admitted into the Studios at the moment, and why I mention this? Because one thing we are going to do over the summer is do a Roblox series, it won’t be a lets play though,(Think of the Yogscast on Minecraft) If you don’t know what that is, go to http://www.youtube.com/BlueXephos, Rated PG because of ocassional cursing for some of you younger peeps.

Anyway, it’s been great setting up these two important events and we hope to start up the top ten games in around two weeks-month.


One Response

  1. Two places that are very worthy in my opinion:
    BCGames new RPG.
    My first place 😛 Seriously though Ive worked hard to keep it the best it can be. There used to be two freemodels, which I deleted and replaced. 151 badges currently, and many adventures to see.
    Oh, and another good place will probably be Mod-Venture.
    P.S. Arceus, I can get you an interview with Lando and maybe also BCG.

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