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Omniscient Scripting Dilemma

Dear Knexer,

I’m stuck. Iv’e had people tell me that the wiki is the place to start. However, that’s not where I started. I know I should tell new scripters to use the wiki, but I dont want to feel like Im lying. Any advice as to what tell new scripters when they ask me? I happen to get a ton as I’m quite popular on ROBLOX.



Dear Omniscient,

First of all, thank you for having good grammar and saving me from 15 minutes of rewriting so that what you sent me makes sense. I really appreciate that. I’d like to let you know that even though it’s not what you used to begin scripting, the wiki is still an excellent source of knowledge. I’ve known quite a few writers for the wiki, and I use it frequently myself. People just want to learn how to script, and don’t want to read. Despite your popularity, you need to turn to a bit of tough love for this one. You need to let people know that no matter what they think, scripting will take some work. Reading the wiki is probably the best source of scripting knowledge out there. It’s not lying when it’s true. 😉




2 Responses

  1. You know why mine is not 8+ sentances, because I feel as if I explained it well enough in 4. Or however many I used.

  2. By the way im THEAVENGER119, and why is my username winniethepooh119?

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