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July Fourth

For the past three years, I’ve put on a small July Fourth convention with a few little booths, and everyone having fun. It was always a big hit.

And then I noticed that it’s been a while since we’ve had a Briguy’s Roblox contest. So, I thought: Hey, what if I incorporate the July Fourth convention I always have? And then I thought: That would be cool! But how?

Here’s how: The July Fourth convention has been put on by myself for three years now. It’s always been put on in half an hour or less, a spur of the moment thing. This year I’d like to make it a bit better. We’re going to do something along the lines of a middle school science fair. Everyone makes a small booth, and we all vote on the winners.

Here’s some rules:

  • The booth has to be put on a 32×48 square base, with one open side, and three walls.
  • The booth has to be one group, with your username stated clearly somewhere in it.
  • The booth has to have a purpose. And July Fourth doesn’t count. Examples: “Uncle Sam: Tribute to historical figures,” “Illegal Fireworks,” “Picnic,” “Why I hate Republicans,”
  • Seeing as how Bastille day is around the corner, you’re free to do something along the lines of that.
Here’s how it’ll work.
  1. For a few weeks, we’ll have the sign-up period. You can sign yourself up for the convention. (See below)
  2. I’ll begin setting up the booths in a big convention place.
  3. After the booths are set up, we’ll have the convention. It’ll go on for a couple of days.
  4. Then I’ll pick the top five booths.
  5. I’ll publish a poll on the site asking which one your favorite is.
  6. After probably a day of voting, I’ll release the winner on the fourth.
Have fun! There’s an entry form below:

Please PM “Knexer” on Roblox if you have any questions.
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