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mod-Venture Anticipation Statement

A small note before I say anything. I will be treating this post as one of the reviews I did last year. I don’t do reviews anymore, but I’d like to treat this as one.

mod-Venture – Play Here


Created by mod-Studio, including Kuunan, mattchewy, and Monork, among others.

This game has been in the public spotlight for weeks now. I’ve heard a lot about it, from the users who create it, to the anticipation of users who wish to see what it is.

Although the game is only open to 9 users, I’ve played enough ROBLOX over the course of 4 years to know that there’s a lot less to the story.

Now, let me please tell you before I go on that everything below is my educated guess. I know nothing for real, but my opinion stands and will not be changed until proven otherwise in a court of law.

First of all, I’d like to share a bit of the public thought of the game. It’s supposed to be a game-changing event. This is apparently the best game ever made. As an RPG, I doubt that. There have been multiple groups try and create a new mod-Venture, open to a wider audience. None of these have lasted more than a couple days, if that.

I think that it’s all a lie. This is, from what I’ve seen, a publicity stunt. You have some really famous people working on it. It wouldn’t be hard to drum up some buzz about a secret game. This isn’t new.

There’s another key part to my theory, the RPG creation success rate. Countless. If made well, successful. The thing is: “Are RPGs the best games ever made?” Should mod-Venture beat the odds, then yes. But they’re really really really really steep. My reasoning is that RPGs, all great games, are mostly medium-level scripting. A few good GUIs, a few re-colored zombies, and some good landscape and detail, you’re done. It’s something that these people might be able to pull off, but I don’t think they will.

Another aspect, the building. In RPGs, building is the second key. You need some good landscaping or bust. A city, some houses, buildings, all made well and you’ll do fine. Kuunan is a great builder, that’s apparent, so it has the potential to be built well. But a bug-eyed democrat once said: “Potential is another word for laziness.” [paraphrase] I don’t think that everything will be given in this case. At most, mediocre.

And my final point, there isn’t much Roblox HASN’T done. Samacado made the nyan cat song out of sounds Roblox uses in gear and hats, miloguy made Doodle Jump, there’s a lot that has been done. But how much hasn’t? Very little. Let me put this into different words. Assume there’s an accomplishment scale of scripting and building achievements. That scale has 100 levels. We’ve gotten 99 of those levels done, so the bar is pretty freakin’ high for those designers. I’ve looked at all that they’ve done, and I just don’t think they will have what it takes to slip past that 99 mark.

I’m giving the game 1 star because I don’t doubt it’ll be made well. The thing I doubt is it’s difference from any other RPG out there.



7 Responses

  1. It’s probably best you don’t judge something till you actually have a clue about what your judging.

    ModVenture’s Team speaks for itself, and if you are worried it won’t bring anything new to the table then you are sadly misguided. We already have a state of the art cutscene engine, a very robust chat and quest engine, along with my personal contribution of an advanced realtime animation engine. The inventory system is very impressive and took a lot of work and the world map manages to remain truly beautiful.

    The bulk of the building work is being done by Kuunan and TengoLa, they are both brilliant builders in their own right and pull of fantasy very well. The bulk of the scripting is being done by GollyGreg, mattchewy and eumesmo92. I’m (owen0202) helping out in both roles. There is a smittering of developers in mod-Studio outside of the main six who are contributing.

    As far as organisation goes, the project is doing brilliantly. Everybody knows their role, and has clear targets about what they have to get done. The communcation is excellent and as far as I know this is the only project of its calliber that is likely to ever get completed.

    If you were doubting the quality of the game, I just adressed that.

    As far as being different from every other RPG out there, yes it is. It has amazing visuals, amazing cutscenes, I can’t fully comment on the AIs because they are so deep into developement it is difficult to say what the end product will be like. They are currently scheduled to wonder aimlessly in towns, defend themselves agressivly in the wild and even gaurd certain areas or rush to protect others. They are not just recolored zombies, and after so much work has gone into making the AIs I am deeply offended that you can just dismiss them as “medium leveled scripting” or even imply that without actually seeing them.

    ModVenture shows some of the most advanced levels of scripting I have ever seen in Roblox, the core scripting team have never ceased to amazed me since I joined development, and I have been playing catch up ever since.

    Will ModVenture live up to it’s hype and be a game changer? Maybe, hype is a matter of perception we know we have crafting one of the greatest games on Roblox, we’ll just have to see how well its received.

    When modVenture releases (which I predict will be sometime during the summer, we gave up on the idea of a release date because we kept thinking of new epic features and quests) I think you will see how misguided you were. Hopefully. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Don’t like it? Do better.


    • @Owen

      I would say that it would be the same it is probably BECAUSE of the cutscenes, chat and quest system that it is soo similar to the others, What he needs to do is literally focus on making the game COMPLETELY different from others, like a whole different way to ‘level up’ or something else, I’m sure he can do it although the game may have a few similarities.

  2. I’m not that much of a fan of RPGs, but this one HAS caught my eyes. I have to say I disagree with you. ModVenture is different. I am part of another game called “Realms of Garhon.” It is NOT mediocre scripting, for either or any other high-scale RPGs. Think about it.

  3. Agree with owen 100%.

  4. lucioiscool :I’m anticipating this game so much!

    Sorry, it was too

  5. @owen0202

    Interesting. I will take that into consideration, and I’d like to at least thank you for not putting up a pathetic argument dodging criticism, unlike Kuunan.

    • Kuunan shares my views. Maybe he didn’t feel like typing a comment longer than the article to show it. I guess we’ll only see when it releases.

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