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Place Review: Kamikaze Zombie Survival

Before I begin, I will introduce myself as Refreshingwater, a new editor here on Briguy’s Roblox. I’ll be posting some new posts every now and then. I have some things planned for the future, but I can’t reveal them yet because they haven’t been fully planned yet. You can find me on ROBLOX and talk to me, maybe give me some ideas. You get the point, so let’s start talking about the place I’m reviewing.

Kamikaze Zombie Survival

When you enter this game, you begin as a human and you must build a fortress that will keep the Kamikaze Zombies away. You get about 5 minutes to build a fortress that will keep the Kamikaze Zombies away from you. The game randomly picks a starter Kamikaze Zombie, which could be YOU! Now that the game has started, you have to kill the Kamikaze Zombies before they kill you. Music begins playing when the round starts, which is pretty amazing. If you win as a human, audio plays from TF2  saying “Victory”, which is awesome.

If you get killed, you turn into a Kamikaze Zombie (Pretty obvious). You have to detonate yourself in order to kill the Humans. Watch out, the humans carry dangerous weapons such as a bow and arrow that does a lot of damage to your player. After you kill a Human, they become a Kamikaze Zombie. You have to kill every human that is still alive before the time runs out, which is only about 5 minutes. If there is no more Humans left, the zombies win. There is also some audio at the end from Team Fortress 2, when the announcer says “You failed”, which is pretty cool.

This game is created by Palk47. Thanks to Osfa for giving me the idea  to review this game.

Let’s Break It Down.

Scripting: 10/10, this game has many scripts and they are all functional.
Tools: 6/10, there are a few weapons, but not enough. We should get like more guns or some type of weapon that will kill the zombies.
Building: 4/10, it is well built, but there isn’t much. Like there’s only a few small islands, I recommend for the creator to make more maps and make them change every once in a while. One map = Boring, Many Maps = Fun
General Enjoyment: 10/10, many users enjoy this game and come back to it every time.
Originality: 10/10, I haven’t seen a game like this so far, which is great.
Creativity:  10/10, very creative
Deals with Problems: 9/10, I’ve experienced one problem in this game, which is randomly tripping when walking.
Deals with Lag: 10/10, no lag at all, well for me anyway. 😛

Overall: 7/10, this game is pretty amazing, but does need more. but I recommend playing it.

Update on this place: It got removed by the Moderators due to the creator changing the title and thumbnail to something that isn’t allowed on ROBLOX. It’s back up, but it’s really a shame because it got removed a day after this review. You can still play this game.

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