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Server capacity & Roblox funding

So you might of noticed the new BC Beta places, Mega Places. A bit cheesy but okay, sounds cool.

Unfortunately, it only supports thirty users at the moment. In my opinion, I think the servers can reach a much more higher capacity than that. It’s great they’re stepping up to the plate and spending some more money, but it’s kinda obvious they’re not gonna run into any troubles, so why not go further?

Many people say Roblox Corp is very cheap, but realistically they pay good for their servers. The lack of maturity on Roblox makes rumors like that spread easily and turn into a daily thing people mention.
Either way it’s great seeing places having an enlarged capacity to them now, what would be amazing is a sixty-four sixed server in which everyone was fighting in an amazingly epic CTF match. 32v32 would be amazing to see and experience.

I guess for now people will have to stick with thirty and see what happens!


2 Responses

  1. There can be up to 100 people on a server they just need to sort out bugs and stuff.


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