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Scripters, eat your heart out. Better yet, write a script that does. Plugins are an amazing new addition to Roblox studio. Any user (with enough scripting experience) can write a plugin for others to download and use. Here’s a bunch of plugins I found!

CommandUtility (CmdUtl)

This is already an awesome script created by Anaminus created way before plugins came out. It is super powerful, and great for building. This plugin will load CmdUtl for you (until Anaminus creates a plugin version himself)


Rotation is just one of CmdUtl's many awesome features

Island Generator

Yep. This plugin will quickly generate you a small island. You can change the settings to set how tall, big, and how many random features (such as trees) generate. There’s tons of pictures on the forum thread. It works great! (Note: This isn’t the terrain generator shown off at the Rally. That will ship as an official plugin later on from Roblox Corp.)

This island is just one of many generations from the island generator.

Oh I hear you. “But Briguy! Two isn’t a lot of plugins!” You’re right. There’s already too many plugins out there for me to cover them all. Want to take a look at them? You can find some in the Scripters forum section on Roblox, or on IronNoob. They’re one of the best places to go to checkout plugins. Even small plugins like some that make it easier to spawn bricks, or even ones that will clear the entire workspace for you (if you’re too lazy to just open a new place).

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for that awesome terrain generator that was demoed at the Rally.



3 Responses

  1. Yes! My plugin is there! 😀

  2. Where are the links to download them?

  3. where is the download for these plugins?

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