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Thoughts: Trading

First, I will start linking to this disclaimer every time I put up an opinion post

The trading world, as of right now, is some seedy under ground black market for getting goods between two people. There’s no system for trading in place, so person A has to buy first then person B has to go next. But then any person can back out at any point, leaving one person with no items and the other with two – it’s bad.

It’s always been higher on the list of things to be developed. The trading system comes up as a topic every once in a while, but nothing really gets farther than basic code from Telamon. Will the system work okay?

Well first, I don’t know the exact specifics of the system. But what I believe is:

  • It’s a live trading system. Both players have to be online to trade.
  • The system will be augmented by our current forum. People can post trades then organize by themselves when to meet online.
  • BC only, because only BC people can sell hats so I’d be weird to let them trade but not sell.

Seems simple enough. Some ideas of mine:

  • PLEASE MAKE MY INVENTORY EASIER TO USE AND SORT THROUGH. It’s a serious pain the way it is with having to start from the first page of hats to find each hat, and going page to page isn’t very fluid.
  • I’d love to see trading places, so there should be both an on-site trading interface and an in-game trading interface. Combine this with Mega places, and you could get a trading world that’s as populated as the stock market trading floor. Wow.
  • Currency should be allowed in trades too, but there has to be a hat too. Currency should only augment the trades and help tie up loose ends so both parties are happy.
  • No one-way trades/giveaways to help cut down on scamming and account hijacking. Both parties must be giving up at least one hat. There are ways around this if you’re really determined to clean out an account, but it would slow you down a bit.



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  1. Will this also include groups??

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