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Ready for 2012?

I’m super pumped for Roblox in 2012. You should be excited too. Why aren’t you excited? GET EXCITED! THERE’S SO MUCH STUFF! IT’S MIND BLOWING. YOU SHOULD BE SO EXCITED YOU CAN PUNCH THROUGH A WALLwait.

Roblox is seriously growing as a company. I’m always blown away when I see videos like this that shows the size of the dev team. It’s really big (and the moderator team is about the same size, so if you double what you see in those videos, you get Roblox as a whole.) With that kind of manpower, Roblox has some serious push to move forward and make some really exciting stuff.

I mean, let’s look at last year. I ran through and I found all the major updates I could. In 2011 Roblox was updated with:

  • Collision noises
  • Ambient Shadows (which I’ve personally never really noticed…)
  • Group Advertising/Primary Groups/Allies and Enemies
  • In-Game Video Capture
  • BC Loyalty
  • Data Persistence
  • Roblox now launches from Firefox/Chrome (a big, BIG improvement for me)
  • Roblox App for iPhone (which doesn’t do much)
  • Parties
  • Place Teleportation
  • Terrain Generation
  • Plugins
  • Mega Places
  • Place Fog
  • and Roblox Studio for Mac (mostly worked on during 2011, released first week of 2012)

What’s the grayed out stuff you ask? Those are updates that affects the site more than it does the game itself.

But wow! All that in one year! Not to mention Roblox held a Rally this year where hundreds attended, and the spread of Roblox cards to almost every store out there in the USA (sorry Europe) Don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking – “But Briguy, how could they possibly top this?” and I will show you Hack Week.

During the holidays, the devs spent one whole week making a hack of their choice that could further Roblox or do something really awesome. I didn’t have to be pretty, and you probably had to break a lot of stuff to do it – hence the Hack. But some really amazing stuff came out of this ONE week, such as data persistence across multiple places, Roblox on the iPad, Ropes, and Buoyancy. In one week. Wow.

Roblox is definitely starting to move forward and make a game that can seriously wow and impress, and it needs to in order to compete. It’s changes like this which really excite me. There’s one other change I’m also looking forward to with both excitement and fear: Age-Up. And I’ll explain why… next week.


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