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Rocket Reviews #1

This is the insanity I have to make in order to fit a review in 30 seconds. It’s really fast paced and I do screw up a bit (I call it a “title screen” when it’s really the class selection screen) That being said, there wasn’t too much of a process behind this video. I filmed about ten minutes of gameplay and cut in the parts that I needed to convey the gameplay part of the review.

Base wars is a nice place but it’s very overwhelming and I don’t think I’ll understand the place unless I sit in there for another hour or two. It’s very off-putting to new players but I saw players with 500+ kills so there’s something to the place that makes people really want to stay and continue killing other players. My other gripe, other than the learning curve, was the shoddy vehicles. You either have to play in first person or zoom REALLY far out to get some good controls. Any middle ground just gets blocked by the plane or vehicle itself.

I hope to do more of these Rocket Reviews soon. I like them a lot: I can’t go rambling on with 30 seconds so it’s clear and concise, but quick editing and quick jokes are my style and I can work with it and make it funny. They also don’t take very long (about 1-2 hours each) and players can upload them for their galleries since it’s under 30 seconds. Later on I’ll probably be open for requests, but right now I’m doing RRs on places that I want to do them on.


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