The Creation: Part 1

The Creation: A short story by Briguy9876

Part 1

They say we were created from nothing, except for one brick. One block floating in nothingness, constantly trying to be destroyed by the dark. They say the brick survived thanks to the arrival of the light, which fought the darkness and brought protection to the block. They’ve said a lot of things about the early days, and I was never really inclined to believe them until I tried to play the parts of the light and the darkness at the same time.

I was working at the Rynden division laboratory at the time. Rynden is the research division of Redcliff Industries, the biggest company in all of Robloxia. Redcliff prides itself on it’s history, constantly reminding us of how they protected the lands in ancient times. They still say they are there for our protection, but from what I’ve seen ship out of Rynden to the clients, I’d probably argue otherwise. Not like I could anyways – once you sign up for Rynden, they’ll keep you inside the lab until you’re no longer useful to them. You have to be really desperate to get a spot in Rynden, and I was.

Recently the lab workers have been talking about a new material that Rynden has gotten it’s hands on. From what has been trickling down to us, we’ve gathered that it was found in Redcliff sacred land, untouched for thousands of years. A small war broke out over what should be done with the material, but ultimately it was settled that Redcliff Industries should get it because they own the land it was found on. Of course, I’m sure that isn’t how it happened. Only the news that makes Redcliff Inc look good gets sent to it’s employees, and this didn’t contest that claim.

The lab was told to halt all projects one day, and everyone quickly gathered why. The next day, the unknown material was present in the deepest (and safest) containment lab we had. During the long containment protocol, the lab boys all drew straws to see who would go do basic tests on it. They were all hoping to get the short straw, but I was wishing I could avoid it at all costs. The whole situation was suspicious. We have clean rooms. Why are they putting it in containment instead of a clean room? I wanted to walk away.

Ten minutes later I was in the containment room with a full bio-hazard suit on carrying basic equipment. Damn.

The material was stored in a box that seemed to be able to take a full explosion without rupturing. It took five minutes just to undo all the outside locks, and there were multiple layers. Finally, after many sweaty minutes, I reached the main cube. Inside this final solid steel box was the material, and I was going to be the first in the lab to see it. I took the steel box and brought it to the table with all of my equipment on it. This table also had a camera on it so the rest of the lab could see too. The containment lab was soundproof, blastproof, and fireproof, but I could hear the suspense, notice the shakes, and feel the heat of excitement from the rest of the lab.

Finally, when everything was ready,  I opened the locks on the containment box. I started to open it slowly to make sure it wasn’t fluid. When nothing came out, I opened the box to see… nothing. No, I mean, something was in the box, but…

It was just Nothingness. Blackness. Void. I was staring into a cube of complete black… a cube of Nothing.


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