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The Creation: Part 3

The Creation: A short story by Briguy9876

Part 3

I sat down against the wall on the other side of the room to keep my distance from the cube. I tried to recap my situation to try to focus. Stuck in a lab with a cube that can remove all light in the area when provoked? Yeah, that makes me less focused. What options do I have? If I wait, the cube might activate again. If I start more testing, it might activate again. If I even look at it funny, it could activate again. I knew nothing of how the cube works. That’s when I knew what I had to figure out next: what activates the cube so that I know to not do it again.

I was taking a risk with this, but if I didn’t know what triggered a response, I wouldn’t know how to protect myself, and the rest of the lab, from it’s powers. I walked over to the machine that the cube was in when it activated. I wasn’t completely sure of how this machine got it’s readings, but I hoped it was pretty obvious when I opened it. Unfortunately, I had no tools in the room to open it. Well, if count gravity as a tool, then I did.

The machine smashed into the ground, breaking it’s casing so that I could pry it open to get a better idea of the process. Most of the workings was some gears, motherboards and other assorted scripts, but the main part appeared to be a blue lightbulb. I removed the bulb from the machine and brought it over to where some more tools had been left. I found the flashlight in the group and replaced the regular bulb with this blue one. I made sure the light coming off this wouldn’t reach the cube, and I turned on the light. A faint blue glow was visible from it.

It was a UV light, or a black light. This is why the machine needs to be closed to the outside before testing – it needs to have no external lights adding to the readings. But why does a black light trigger the cube? Does it even trigger the cube? I needed to be sure. I brought the cube to the center of the room and secured everything to make sure nothing would be added to the experiment. Just the cube and a black light. I got a few feet away from the cube, braced myself for what could come, and turned on the light.

One thing I didn’t know about the testing machine was that it makes the blacklight very dim for proper testing. My flashlight gave off 1000% more UV light than the first event. Whoops.

In a matter of seconds, the cube spun up and blacked out the room. However, the hum of the cube never seemed to stop. It grew even louder and louder. I turned of the light. The hum started to get lower, but it never completely went away. The lights never returned. I was standing in pitch black that never went away. I was consumed by the darkness.

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