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Thoughts #1: Zombie Badge

The “Thoughts” posts are a series of smaller posts that just throw out random ideas and thoughts for the readers. 

Lets say you have a place that gets a decent amount of visits per place. Then lets assume you make a badge, and the requirements to get it are as such:

  • When a player goes into a server, check if he has the badge.
  • If he does, award everyone in the server the badge.
  • If he doesn’t, check if anyone in the server has the badge. If someone does, award the player the badge.

Then you join a server to start the “infection” and stand back and see what happens. This is surprisingly a good way to gauge how often players come back to play your game. If the badge count slows or even stops, that means your game doesn’t have any replayability and people aren’t coming back to your place for the badge to infect others.

Conversely, if the number is expanding fast, players are constantly leaving and joining other servers which could indicate that something may be breaking in certain servers and players are looking for a “working” one.

There’s also a very rare posibility that your badge has infected almost all active players joining your place and there’s no one left to award the badge to.

You might even be able to add an incentive to get said badge, which will cause people to go searching for people with the badge and ask them to join – and more players in your place is always good.


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